SOS Expert (plumbing), Brussels, Belgium

I had used this company before for an emergency problem with the heating. They were expensive, but arrived quickly and fixed the problem. Recently my toilet stopped filling because the inlet valve wasn't working, so I called them again. Again they arrived on time and fixed the problem, and were expensive. Three days later in the evening the toilet began running constantly after I flushed it. I called them and they said they'd call me back first thing in the morning. They didn't. I called them and got a promise to call me back shortly. They didn't. I called again and got a machine. I left a message but they did not call back. I called again later and was given a two-hour window when someone would arrive at the end of the day. No one came. I called again and was told they would arrange it right away and call me back with a new time. They didn't. I would recommend staying away from this company.