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PragmAda Software Engineering is proud to provide the PragmAda Reusable Components (PragmARCs) (244 KB) as open-source software; you can read a brief description of the PragmARCs. Ranging from the basic-but-essential to the high-level, using the PragmARCs reduces the amount of software written for an application by an average of 50%.
(This is a representative figure. Actual results may vary.)

Distributed as source code, the PragmARCs are licensed under the terms of the GNAT-Modified GPL, which means that the use of the PragmARCs does not result in software that is covered by the GNU General Public License. The PragmARCs are pure Ada 95; they should work with any Ada-95 compiler and operating system on any platform.

There is also a beta version of the PragmARCs suitable for compilation with a compiler that implements ISO/IEC 8652:2007. There are a number of differences between this version and the Ada-95 version of the components, most noticeably in the implementation of the data structures, rendering this version not backward-compatible with programs that use the Ada-95 version.

Error reports, comments, and suggestions are welcome from all users.

Click here for the Mine Detector game.

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2016 December 15