As a service to the Ada community, PragmAda Software Engineering provides an archive of the Ada Tutor Ada-95 tutorial.

John J. Herro, the program's author, posted to comp.lang.ada on 2011 Apr 27 (John Herro <>, "Re: Ada Tutor Web Site Shutting Down"):

Good idea. Actually, the source code is included in the archive. Anyone who has downloaded it may now modify it, use it, and distribute it for free, disregarding the shareware notices. Anyone may also make it available on a Web site, etc. If you do so, please post that the E- address and postal address in the program are old, but that I said it's OK to use the program for free and disregard the shareware notices. Anyone who wants a copy of the program may e-mail me at the address shown at (not the gmail address from which I'm posting this), and I'll send a copy.

The contact information is: JOHN J HERRO, 5771 SPIRE RIDGE CT, CINCINNATI OH 45247-3268, U. S. A.

E-mail:; Phone: 513-203-5521

The program is here.